Development in Morgan County

Development in Morgan County, at this time, requires permits in three areas, Flood plain, Sewage disposal (i.e. septic tanks), and driveway permits. None of these are optional and are imposed by State and Federal law.

Driveway permits may be obtained by contacting the Morgan County Highway Department (9621-2041) or by contacting the Morgan County Engineer's office (962-3171).

Flood plain permits are required for most construction in the county. See the Flood plain page for more information.

Please visit our *Floodplain Parcel Viewer*

Sewage disposal information/permits, for residential use, may be obtained from the Morgan County Health Department (962-4572). A flood plain determination is required prior to applying for a sewage disposal permit as certain things are not allowed in a flood prone area. Note: You must obtain the ALL required permits before beginning any construction or you will be subject to a $100.00 penalty.

The Planning Commission has completed the final draft of subdivision regulations for Morgan County. The Morgan County Commissioners adopted them on December 6, 2004 and are in force. The Regulations may be downloaded in pdf and Word 2000 format here